Undergraduate Programs


Below you will find quarterly course offerings that can be applied to the Global Health Minor. Elective courses with ** next to the course number indicate courses that are not the minor's official elective course list but can be counted. In order for those courses to show up in your degree audit, you must submit an exception request.

Applicable electives courses can be found below:

        Summer 2021 I Autumn 2021

If a course you would like to apply to the elective areas is not on the list, please contact Noura Youssoufa at ghminor@uw.edu to set up an advising appointment to learn if it may fit. Once agreed-upon course(s) have been identified, you will need to submit a simple exception request to finalize the approval process.


 Elective Areas are the following:
     A.    The Environment & Global Health
     B.    Comparative Health Systems & Approaches to Health
     C.    Sociocultural Ecology of Health
     D.    Regional & Area Studies

View the description list to learn more about what each area entails:  application-pdf.pngElective Content Areas_Description.pdf .