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Apoorva Mallya MBA (Washington University), BA (University of Pennsylvania) Epidemiology, Implementation Science
Clinton Pecenka PhD (University of Minnesota), MPP (University of Minnesota), BS (Iowa State University) Economics, Health Economics
African Regional (AFRO)
Jenniffer Maroa PhD (University of Washington) Genomics, Implementation Science, Infectious Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases
Jaime Sepulveda ScD (Harvard University), MSc (Harvard University), MPH (Harvard University), MD (National Autonomous University of Mexico) Disease Surveillance, Education and Training, Epidemiology, Global Health Governance, Health Policy
Joseph Smith PhD (Washington University), BA (Macalester College) Host-Pathogen Interactions, Infectious Diseases, Malaria
Papa Salif Sow MD (University of Dakar), MSc (Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium)), BA (College Lamine Gueye) Ebola, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, HPV, Neglected Diseases, Tropical Medicine (incl. Parasites)
Hong Wang PhD (University of Wisconsin), MD (Beijing Medical University (China)) Community-Based Primary Health Care, COVID-19, Global Health Governance, Health Economics, Health Financing, Health Policy, Health Policy and Advocacy, Health Systems Strengthening and Human Resources Development, Malaria, Nutrition, Poverty, Social Determinants of Health, TB, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use
Antigua and Barbuda
Mark Oberle MD (Johns Hopkins University), MPH (University of California (Berkeley)), AB (Harvard University) Family Planning
Cristian Baeza MD (University of Chile), MPH (Johns Hopkins University), MSc (ILADES), MSc (University of Chile) Business and Public Private Partnerships, Delivery Logistics, Global Health Governance, Health Economics, Health Financing, Health Policy, Health Systems Strengthening and Human Resources Development, Implementation Science, Leadership and Organizational Development, Neurology, Non-Communicable Diseases, Policy Monitoring, Political Economy of Health, Poverty, Social Determinants of Health
Cecilia Breinbauer MD (University of Chile), MPH (George Washington University) Child and Adolescent Health (incl. Pediatrics), Clinical Mentoring, Community Health Workers, Distance Learning, Education and Training, Gender, Health Promotion, Maternal Child Health (incl. Reproductive Health), Mental Health, Social Justice and Human Rights