Sabrina Ebengho
Sabrina Ebengho
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Name: Sabrina Ebengho

Year of Study: SNR

Major: Public Health – Global Health: Global Health

Hometown: Tacoma (originally from Congo, DR)

Why did you choose to pursue the Global Health Option within the Public Health-Global Health Major? 

I am pursuing the PH-GH major to advocate for and contribute to the provision of timely access to equitable and quality health services for all, especially for marginalized communities. 

What has been most valuable about your global health coursework/learning thus far?

Learning about theories, models and frameworks to critically approach and address public health challenges.

What experiences at the UW have been most influential?

Meeting people from diverse backgrounds and learning from one another. Most importantly, finding an African diaspora community of changemakers who challenge my worldviews.

What are your professional goals?

My goal is to contribute to public health efforts and research in sub-Saharan Africa and here, that meaningfully engage with communities and address prevalent health issues. After undergrad, my goal is to work and gain experience, develop concrete goals and deepen my understanding of the current global health landscape and its challenges. Once I get the opportunity to attend graduate school, I hope to obtain an MPH and essentially complete an implementation science-related PhD.

Please share your recommendations for prospective and/or current undergraduates on ways in which they may maximize their experience in Global Health (i.e.: events, classes, GH faculty/staff to connect with, etc.).

Attending departmental events gives you the exceptional opportunity to network with UW affiliated and non-affiliated public/global health professionals and learn about their insightful work and career pathways. I urge all undergraduates to connect with faculty and staff as they are well-rounded and have extensive experience working in diverse public health domains.

As a member of the Global Health Undergraduate Advisory Board, how do you envision building community within the student body and how may students connect with you for ideas/inquires?

As a community of learners and leaders, we seek to build community from outside in, by creating an equitable space that all students can engage and operate in. And accomplishing this requires proactive department engagement in meaningful Anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. For ideas and inquiries, kindly connect with me via email: