Name: Farhana Azad

Year of Study: Senior

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Richland

Why did you choose to pursue the Minor in Global Health?

I want to have a career in healthcare for the professional credentials I need to have a background in healthcare.

What has been most valuable about your global health coursework/learning thus far?

The course, Environmental Health 311

What experiences at the UW have been most influential?

Working on the board.

What are your professional goals?

To be in a leadership position at World Health Organization.

Please share your recommendations for prospective and/or current undergraduates on ways in which they may maximize their experience in Global Health (i.e.: events, classes, GH faculty/staff to connect with, etc.)

Attend meet and greet sessions, get to know your peers and build your network.

As a member of the Global Health Undergraduate Advisory Board, how do you envision building community within the student body?

I did not know anyone in the minor program. I thought joining the board would be an excellent way to meet people and make friends.