Katerina Dang
Katerina Dang
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Name: Katerina Dang

Year of Study: Senior

Major: B.S. Psychology 

Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Why did you choose to pursue the Minor in Global Health? 

After spending my first few years of college exploring my personal and professional interests, I chose to pursue my minor in Global Health because of my passion for the intersection between psychology/behavior and public health. Realizing how mental health and mental health services are perceived differently globally, I wanted to gain a solid foundation of knowledge in this area; taking GH courses as a minor student has opened up so many other interest areas within the field for me, and it has been extremely engaging being able to view health from a global perspective. 

What has been most valuable about your global health coursework/learning thus far?

Learning from faculty who have such vast experiences in fieldwork and research and engaging in enriching conversations with my peers has been extremely valuable to me and my learning. Every global health course I’ve taken has challenged my knowledge and perspective in some way, and I think this has pushed me and helped me grow as a student in ways I’ve never experienced before in other courses. 

What experiences at the UW have been most influential?

I participated in the UW C&IC Nonprofit & Philanthropy Mentorship Program during Spring 2021 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made at UW! I was able to connect with a alumni mentor in my interested field and gained not only career guidance but also networking connections through her that have helped me since in my academic and professional journey. Joining the DGH Undergraduate Advisory Board this fall has also been an amazing experience that’s helped me feel a lot more connected to the department and my peers :)  

What are your professional goals?

After graduation, I plan to pursue my Master of Public Health in Health Management to continuing developing my technical skills in the field. In the future I hope to work in health management, nonprofit management, or health tech, and aspire to work for a company/organization with a global health, mental health, or women’s health focus. 

Please share your recommendations for prospective and/or current undergraduates on ways in which they may maximize their experience in Global Health (i.e.: events, classes, GH faculty/staff to connect with, etc.)

Form study groups, attend department events, and connect with GH professors and staff when you can! The biggest piece of advice I can give is to grow your network and never stop making genuine connections. There are so many opportunities that open up when you put yourself out there! 

As a member of the Global Health Undergraduate Advisory Board, how do you envision building community within the student body?

Through the Board, I hope to create a space when GH students can feel a sense of community and belonging. It can be hard to feel connected to a department in a personal way when things are usually strictly academic, but I’d like for students to be able to cultivate genuine relationships, gain academic and professional opportunities, and feel heard in their needs through this community!