The Atlantic: How Back Pain Took Over the World

By Olga Khazan

The newest iteration of the Global Burden of Disease study, which tracks the prevalence of deaths and diseases worldwide, contains some good news: On average people are living about a decade longer than they were in 1980. But there’s a catch: Health hasn’t improved as fast as life expectancy overall, which means that for many, those long, final years are spent hobbled by illness and disability.

Professor Theo Vos is quoted.

BBC: Viral Hepatitis 'Kills as Many as AIDS or TB'

By Smitha Mundasad

The report estimates that hepatitis infections and their complications led to 1.45m deaths in 2013 - despite the existence of vaccines and treatments.

World Health Organization data shows there were 1.2m AIDS-related deaths in 2014, while TB led to 1.5m deaths.

The WHO has put forward a global strategy to tackle hepatitis.

'Startling findings'

Researchers say these plans must be put into action urgently to tackle the crisis.