KUOW Debate: Will the GOP Healthcare Bill Hurt or Help Washington State?

Bill Radke talks with Aaron Katz, who teaches health policy the University of Washington School of Public Health, and retired physician Roger Stark, a healthcare analyst for the Washington Policy Center.

They discuss the current healthcare bill being debated in the Senate and the Congressional Budget Office score that predicts 22 million fewer Americans will have insurance by 2026.

Aaron Katz is also an Adjunct Principal Lecturer of Global Health at UW. 

Fierce Healthcare: Disparate Global Health Spending on the Horizon, Study says

by Paige Minemyer

Global health spending is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years, but spending rates will likely vary widely between countries, even those of similar size and gross domestic product, a new study has found. Researchers at the University of Washington mapped health spending trends around the world and found huge variation in how much different countries would likely spend, according to data published in The Lancet.


Devex: The Future of Health Financing: Investing in Data

By Annie Haakenstad and Joseph Dieleman 

After more than a decade of immense growth, development assistance for health has flat lined. Development assistance for health (DAH) fueled a scale up of antiretrovirals, insecticide-treated bed nets, vaccinations and a host of important global health interventions. Over the same period, the spread of a number of infectious diseases was reversed, reducing premature death and disability across the developing world. The plateau in international funding may threaten to slow progress or even roll back these gains.