Devex: The Future of Health Financing: Investing in Data

By Annie Haakenstad and Joseph Dieleman 

After more than a decade of immense growth, development assistance for health has flat lined. Development assistance for health (DAH) fueled a scale up of antiretrovirals, insecticide-treated bed nets, vaccinations and a host of important global health interventions. Over the same period, the spread of a number of infectious diseases was reversed, reducing premature death and disability across the developing world. The plateau in international funding may threaten to slow progress or even roll back these gains.

Reuters Africa: From Gene Editing to Death Traps, Seattle Scientists Innovate in Race to End Malaria

By Kieran Guilbert

When Kayode Ojo first fell sick with malaria as a young boy in Nigeria, his grandfather shunned modern medicine, venturing into the bush to search for herbs and plants to treat the disease.

Having succumbed to malaria a further 50 or more times in his life, the United States-based scientist, now in his forties, is determined that his research - to develop a drug to stop transmission from humans back to mosquitoes - will help to eradicate the deadly disease.