Alumna Highlight: Veronica Davé, PhD - Pathobiology

What year did you graduate:


Favorite part about grad school:

The community of students in Pathobiology, and being a part of the larger science and global health community in Seattle. I loved how interdisciplinary the training was in Pathobiology. I felt like I learned how to listen to and present to colleagues across a wide spectrum of specialties within infectious disease and global health research.

Favorite Pathobiology memory:

Why Rapid COVID-19 Test Results Are Getting More Confusing


Experts say ambiguous results on at-home tests may be more common now — but not because rapid tests aren’t working. In fact, these confusing results could actually be a good thing, at least as far as your immune system goes.

Dr. Paul Drain, associate professor of global health and of medicine in the UW School of Medicine, is quoted.

Meet the 2022-2023 DGH Research Assistants and Fellows

Each year the UW Department of Global Health is able to provide partial to full funding to recruit top applicants. In addition to financial support, some recipients also receive mentorship and real-world experience through research assistant positions. For the 2022-2023 academic year, 14 outstanding graduate students received funding to support their studies. Learn more about this impressive cohort, including their journeys to arrive at UW and the impact they hope to have on the field of global health.  

Current Student Highlight: Crystal Chhan, Pathobiology PhD Program

When did you join the program:

I joined Pathobiology in 2021. My permanent lab is the McGuire Lab at the Fred Hutch where we study protective antibody responses against viral infections to design effective vaccines.

Favorite part about grad school:

I really enjoy how collaborative and helpful students and faculty are at UW! Cool science with cool people.

Favorite grad school memory:

Can Climate Labels on Menus Turn People Off Cheeseburgers?


Climate labels on fast-food menus can help steer people in the U.S. away from ordering beef — the food with the worst impact on the climate — and toward meals that are better for the planet, according to new research.

Kristie Ebi, professor of global health and of environmental and occupational health sciences at the UW, is quoted.

Is COVID a Common Cold Yet?

The Atlantic

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the worst things about SARS-CoV-2 was that it was so new: The world lacked immunity, treatments and vaccines. A strange new virus was colliding with people’s bodies in such unusual ways that it couldn’t help but stand out. Now, nearly three years into the crisis, the virus is more familiar, and its symptoms are too.

Dr. Patricia García, affiliate professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.

Montana’s New Sex Ed Law Ensnares English and History Lessons, Too

Kaiser Health News

A Montana law requiring public schools to notify parents of lessons that mention human sexuality — and allowing parents to pull their children from those lessons — has reached further and been more cumbersome than anticipated, according to two school district leaders.

Pamela Kohler, associate professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.

WA advocates highlight health disparities during Trans Awareness Week

The Seattle Times

Transgender community organizations in the Seattle area are marking Trans Awareness Week by highlighting the critical need for improved health care and access to resources. While Washington has made significant strides to curb the HIV epidemic, advocates emphasize this is no time for complacency, and that there is still more work to be done, with a focus on addressing disparities, if Washington is to ever truly end the epidemic.

Stephaun Wallace, clinical assistant professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.

New DGH Director of Finance and Administration – Abraham Guizar

The Department of Global Health is pleased to announce that Abraham Guizar has accepted the position of Director of Finance and Administration. “I have great confidence that Abraham has the experience, skillset, personality, and attitude necessary to lead DGH as the next Director of Finance and Administration,” said Interim DGH Chair Dr. Carey Farquhar. “He understands the advantages and challenges of sitting in SPH and SOM and the complexity of navigating our decentralized CPI model.