PhD in Pathobiology
(PhD '94)

Michael J. Gale, Jr.

Dr. Gale is the Director of the Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease, and a Professor of Immunology and Global Health at UW. He is a formally trained immunologist and virologist with expertise in studies of virus/host interactions, innate immunity, and immune signaling of RNA viruses. His research focus is on the innate immune response to infection by emerging RNA viruses, and leveraging this information to build improved vaccines, vaccine adjuvants, and antiviral therapeutics. Dr. Gale is developing a new class of innate immune-targeted antiviral drugs for broad spectrum application to treat virus infection. These new therapeutics will improve global health by providing effective treatment to the people infected with Ebola virus, Zika virus, or West Nile viruses and dengue virus.

As a part of the Department of Global Health, I have been able to expand my research programs into new frontiers in innate immunity to improve immune protection against emerging viruses. My involvement in DGH catalyzed my scientific collaborations with other global health researchers with unique expertise that dovetail with my own.