Quality Healthcare for All Through Partnerships and Innovation: Nepal-UW Symposium

How can mutually beneficial global collaborations help find solutions to real-world problems? What are innovative approaches to sustainable collaborations?

The recent "UW-Nepal Partnerships in Health Innovation: Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations to Advance Population Health" symposium tackled such questions in panel discussions featuring UW and Kathmandu University faculty from multiple disciplines.

King5: UW Student Wins Coveted Grant to Develop HIV Rapid Test

By LiLi Tan

University of Washington students are developing a test that could improve the lives of people around the world. It’s a credit card-sized HIV test called the OLA Simple.

“Very much looking like a pregnancy test. So there will be lines and you can know the result right away,” Nuttada Panpradist said. The Global WACh Certificate and fourth year bioengineering PhD student recently won a $50,000 APF Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Scientific American: Paper Diagnostic Tests Could Save Thousands of Lives

By Prachi Patel

...Paul Yager, a biochemist at the University of Washington, meanwhile, has developed a handheld plastic device the size of two stacked card decks that contains strips of patterned paper and wells containing reagents and dyes, and into which a user would insert a fluid sample. The patterns of dots that appear after 20 minutes could be read by a clinician or sent via smartphone camera to a physician elsewhere. Yager says that the box could cost as little as $1 to manufacture in bulk.