Montana’s New Sex Ed Law Ensnares English and History Lessons, Too

Kaiser Health News

A Montana law requiring public schools to notify parents of lessons that mention human sexuality — and allowing parents to pull their children from those lessons — has reached further and been more cumbersome than anticipated, according to two school district leaders.

Pamela Kohler, associate professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.

Roe v. Wade overturned: 11 states to ban abortion don't require sex ed

USA Today

Close to half of the roughly two dozen states where abortion is or will soon be outlawed or heavily restricted do not require sex education. Most of those states require any schools that do choose to teach sex education to emphasize abstinence as the main or only way to avoid getting pregnant. Almost none require teaching about contraception.  

Pamela Kohler, Associate Professor of Global Health, is quoted.


Seeding Innovation: Global Health Faculty Get a Boost from Global Innovation Fund

This year’s Global Innovation Fund awardees represent a number of disciplines across 29 schools, colleges and programs. The funds are managed by the Office of Global Affairs, who had to choose from a record 95 applications. Only 26 applications were awarded funds, and of those, eight involve Global Health faculty.

Awardees were selected through a highly competitive process managed that awards seed grants to projects in two areas: a) innovation in study abroad and b) innovation in global engagement and partnerships.