Personal story leads entrepreneur to launch a startup to improve cancer care in Africa and beyond


Seattle entrepreneur Kingsley Ndoh, a clinical assistant professor of global health at the UW, is driven by the memory of his aunt, who died too young of colon cancer. Since then, Nigeria-born Ndoh has been on a mission to improve cancer care. In 2021 he founded health tech startup Hurone AI to support cancer treatment in Africa and beyond with remote patient monitoring and tele-oncology designed for resource-poor settings.

Africa Needs Afrocentric Solutions to Beat COVID-19 (Seattle Times - Written by Kingsley Ndoh)

While the U.S. and Europe battle to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, I can’t help but think about how Africa will cope when it becomes the next epicenter. Based on the three-month-old data that we have about the virus and its spread, guidelines on prevention, containment and mitigation have been set by the World Health Organization (WHO). So far, several African governments have adopted the U.S. and European approach that is centered on lockdowns, social distancing and frequent hand washing with soap and water.