Online education manager Anya Nartker has been selected to receive the 2021 University of Washington Department of Global Health (DGH) Outstanding Staff Award. In further recognition of her instrumental contributions to the success of DGH during a year like no other, Anya also received the UW School of Public Health (SPH) Anderson-O’Connell Award for Outstanding Staff Service, presented at the virtual SPH Awards of Excellence ceremony on June 2, 2021. 

In her role supporting the department’s e-learning program (eDGH), Anya oversees professional development online courses for health professionals in over 65 low and middle income countries. She also supports DGH faculty in creating  distance learning courses for University of Washington students. This expertise and experience proved invaluable as the department transitioned to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Anya's creative spirit and willingness to answer the call of duty were on full display in her heroic efforts to support faculty in their sudden shift to online learning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact to UW operations,” said Alex McGee, managing director of eDGH, who nominated Anya for the award. “She planned and executed Zoom-based trainings, coordinated all faculty with a touchpoint on the eDGH team, and ensured that critical resources, such as the DGH Canvas Template, were up-to-date and accessible. Her efforts were monumental in ensuring the confident transition to an unplanned format during a time of universal stress and challenge.”

This year, DGH received a record number of nominations for its annual staff excellence award. For the first time, four individuals received multiple nominations. Learn more about the talent and impact of the fellow nominees from the team members who nominated them.

Outstanding Staff Award Nominees

Profile photo of Julie Beschta in front of world map

Julie Beschta, Assistant Director, Academic Programs

Julie has been the staff lead on our efforts to promote an antiracist and anticolonial curriculum, helping to implement our course development plans (CDPs) and related guidelines, leading an effort to create three new working groups out of our DGH curriculum committee, and contributing importantly to the development of explicit and fair guidance for managing faculty teaching and student evaluations for the department. - Susan Graham, associate chair for academic programs, DGH


Profile photo of Tessa Concepcion in front of a world map

Tessa Concepcion, Research Coordinator, Global Mental Health

Tessa eagerly manages multiple projects, viewing each as an opportunity for learning and mastery. She demonstrates sound judgment and thoughtfully contributes to collaborative decision-making. She takes initiative, and her initiative yields improvements in our program and efficiencies in our work. - Pamela Collins, director, Global Mental Health Program



Profile photo of Stephanie Edlund-Cho in front of world map

Stephanie Edlund-Cho, Program Operations Specialist, Global WACh

Stephanie problem solves on the fly and remains cool under pressure.  She flags issues early and works with team members to get them resolved quickly.  Her innate ability be resourceful and share her creative talents have resulted in higher quality services within Global WACh. - Kate Rankin, managing director, Global WACh and SCOPE


Profile photo of Mallory Erickson in front of world map

Mallory Erikson, Global Financial Analyst,  I-TECH

Mallory is very adept at compiling data from other colleagues, analyzing it, and presenting it in a clear, easy-to-understand manner for others. Her role on the knowledge management task force demonstrated her ability to creatively present the data to I-TECH's executive team and also to other stakeholder teams. - Marisa Van Osdale, senior program manager, I-TECH


Profile photo of Carolyn Hostetler

Carolyn Hostetler, Senior Manager for Human Resources & Engagement, DGH Core


Carolyn does everything in excellence. Her interactions with every single person she has come across is always so friendly and welcoming. She listens and allows you to speak your concerns. Carolyn never wants to just say "no" to someone, so she researches ways we can say "yes"! - Nermine Botros, human resources manager, DGH, and anonymous nominators


Profile photo of Arika Johnson in front of world map

Arika Johnson, Program Coordinator, DGH Core

“One ongoing issue that has specifically impacted some of our international students is COVID-related closures/delays at embassies and the processing of visas. Arika had to balance University expectations and employment requirements with the exceptional and unique situations of various international students. Throughout this, Arika consistently maintained a DEI- and student-centered focus.” - Aleta Elliott, manager and executive assistant to chair of DGH 


Profile photo of Susan Mello in front of world map

Susan Mello, Associate Director, CFAR

Susan is the consummate collaborator, whose patient and calm demeanor is about creating space for others and an environment where people thrive. Susan has stepped up and provided leadership both as the staff chair of the diversity, equity and inclusion committee and as associate director of CFAR following Jared Baeten's exit. - Sean Galagan, data manager and analyst, ICRC 


Profile photo of Basia Otto in front of world map

Basia Otto, Communications & Events Program Specialist, DGH Core

Basia is a team player. Her first priority is what's good for the department and our community, not what's in her job description. She pays attention to what stories/people we have/have not amplified and pushes us to make sure we're balanced in our storytelling. - Amy Goldstein, communication specialist, DGH, and Aleta Elliott, manager and executive assistant to chair of DGH


Profile photo of Sonora Stampfly in front of world map

Sonora Stampfly, Program Coordinator, IARTP

Sonora is an excellent and highly effective communicator. Working with trainees and staff in Africa, her knowledge of the program implementation and administrative details puts everyone at ease as they seek solutions to address challenges that have resulted from implementing global trainee programs during a pandemic. -Adriane Berman, training program manager, and Carey Farquhar, professor of global health 


Donna Yee, Operations Project Manager, START Center

Donna has worked tirelessly for both DGH and the START Center over the last year. For DGH, she stepped in and helped organize the entire move to the Hans Rosling Center. For START, she filled in for two roles and kept START running during a time of major personnel change. - Lauren Adjumani, operations director, START Center, and anonymous nominators