Graduate students admitted to the UW Department of  Global Health are invited to join department faculty, students and staff in March to learn more about the department's graduate programs, life in Seattle, and becoming a part of the UW global health community. Admitted students interact with DGH faculty, current students, and alumni and discuss their experiences in global health research, learning, service and career paths.

Four Visit Days events are open to DGH current students as well as 2021 admitted students:





March 1

International and Students of Color Welcome

10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

This welcome event offers a safe space to hear from current DGH students from diverse backgrounds. Students will share their experiences in this mainly question and answer session driven by the audience. Previous years' sessions have covered topics such as finding community and a support system in Seattle/UW, and finding personal care - beauty, food, health, socialization, places to worship, among others. International students and self-identified students of color are encouraged to participate in this event.

Panelists (above left to right):

  • Gift Nwanne, General Track MPH, entered 2019
  • Bianca Graves, General Track MPH, entered 2020
  • Deeqa Mah, General Track MPH, entered 2020
  • Rahmeh AbuShweimeh, General Track MPH, entered 2020

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Alumni Conversations

3-4 p.m.

Alumni of DGH programs will discuss their experiences in their cohort, share gems they wish they had known as students as well provide tips on work/life balance, job searching, networking and more. Moderated by Daren Wade, Director of International Experiences & Career Resources.

Alumni panelists (above left to right):

  • Lily Alexander, MPH, Health Metrics and Evaluation Track, graduated 2018
  • Vijay Narayan, MPH, General Track, graduated 2015
  • Farah Mohamed, MPH, Leadership, Policy, and Management Track, graduated 2016
  • Onyinye Edeh, MPH, General Track, graduated 2013
  • Sarah Wulf Hansen, MPH, PhD, Health Metrics and Evaluation Track , graduated 2012 & Health Metrics, graduated 2019

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March 2

Global Health & Social Justice In The Context of Public Health Careers: A Faculty Discussion

1-2 p.m.

Join faculty panelists as they share how they pursue social justice in the context of their careers. This very experienced group of faculty will talk about their work, the projects they are passionate about, and the communities they serve. Throughout the discussion, they will also attempt to address how bias, power, race, class, privilege, and positionality affects the work they do. Moderated by Global Health MPH- HME Director, Dr. Bernardo Hernandez Prado.

Faculty panelists (above left to right):

  • Dr. Paul Drain is Associate Professor in the Departments of Global Health, Medicine (Infectious Diseases), and Epidemiology 
  • Dr. Renee Heffron is a member of the faculty of Global Health and Epidemiology 
  • Dr. Monisha Sharma is an Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Health

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March 3

Research & Community Work During Covid19

1-2 p.m.

Hear from second year students who were able to obtain practicum opportunities during COVID19. Hear about their challenges, successes and strategies during this unique time. Click here to submit questions and register for the event.

Student panelists (above left to right):

  • Sarah Smith, General Track MPH, entered 2019
  • Leah Wood, General Track MPH, entered 2019
  • Tikhala Itaye, General Track MPH, entered 2019
  • Maitreyi Sahu, Health Metrics Sciences PhD, entered 2019
  • Brittney Sheena, Health Metrics and Evaluation Track MPH, entered 2019

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