Dear DGH community,

We are reaching out in support and solidarity as we reel from recent events. Today, supporters of President Trump violently entered the US Capitol and disrupted the counting of certified electoral votes, encouraged by the President’s false claims of election fraud. The disruption of our democratic process in Washington, DC and the violence we are witnessing are deeply disturbing. We recognize that these scenes may be distressing, especially to members of our community who have lived through coups and civil unrest.

Many today have commented on the marked contrast between treatment by law enforcement of white protestors at the Capitol today and that of BIPOC protestors marching for racial equity earlier this year - and the treatment of Jacob Blake, shot seven times in Kenosha, Wisconsin by a law enforcement officer who, we learned this week, will not be charged. We understand that the combination of these events may be distressing to our community, particularly BIPOC members.

As we await developments in this political situation, we draw hope and inspiration from the historic victory of Rev. Raphael Warnock in Georgia - the first Black Senator from Georgia, a state with the third largest Black population. We celebrate the peaceful election of two new members of the Senate from Georgia, which demonstrates that our democracy continues to work in parts of this Nation.  We honor the tireless and transformative work of scores of committed community organizers in Georgia, many of them Black women.

We hope for a 2021 in which we move closer to a just and healthy world. During this challenging time, our work to achieve that vision is more important than ever. We are honored to work and be in community with all of you. Please reach out if we can offer any support in this turbulent and uncertain time. We are here to support you and we stand with you.

In solidarity and with commitment to work for a better future,

Judy Wasserheit, DGH Chair

Judd Walson, DGH Vice Chair

Keshet Ronen, DGH Interim DEI Director

Susan Mello, DGH DEI Committee Co-Chair

Sean Galagan, Interim DEI Committee Co-Chair

Susan Graham, DGH Associate Chair for Academic Programs

Dana Panteleeff, DGH Director of Finance and Administration



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