An online petition demanding the UW create a one-credit in-person course so international students may remain in the country has drawn over 15,000 signatures. 

The petition, which started circulating Monday night, is in response to a new federal restriction that stops international students from staying in the United States without in-person instruction.

As universities across the country prepare for a fall quarter amid a global pandemic, many are relying on hybrid models or online-only courses to keep students safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The new regulations from U.S Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP), bar international students studying under F-1 or M-1 visas from staying in the United States if they are taking an entirely online course load.

Students in the category must either depart the United States or transfer to a school with in-person instruction. Schools like the UW which adopt a hybrid model must certify that F-1 students are not taking a course load that is entirely online. Students can look at their time schedules to figure out if their classes will be taught remotely in the fall.

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