Roshan Khatri
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By Roshan Khatri (MPH, 2019)

Roshan Khatri graduated from the University of Washington in 2019 with a Master of Public Health in Global Health. He is now working for Headwaters Relief Organization, a nonprofit organization bringing hope and building resilience in people and communities.

I am currently working as the Executive Director of Headwaters Relief Organization, a Minnesota based nonprofit. During this difficult time, we were able to create different volunteering opportunities to help our community. 

Among which we have created, "When We All Stayed Home", a children's coloring book to support families and children coping with the uncertainties of a world with Coronavirus. The book explains COVID-19 to children and their families and helps them identify normal emotional responses and process their feelings about what they are experiencing.

We have previously published eight children’s books. These books were designed to help children in response to disasters in Haiti, the Philippines, West Africa, Nepal, Puerto Rico, as well as a book for refugee children from multiple countries and a book on preventing human trafficking. 

As children engage in the artwork and coloring, the disease COVID-19 is explained in the story. The book also includes tips for adults on communication with children about coronavirus; common questions children may have; skills to teach children to protect themselves; common reactions children have to stress; supportive ideas for adults providing homeschooling and supportive strategies for self-care for those providing homeschooling. 

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