Global Health Career Week, in collaboration with the School of Public Health, concluded with a Q&A panel on protecting public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This live Zoom event provided participants with an opportunity to ask questions to our panel of experts.  

Each panelist has been contributing to the COVID-19 response in various roles, and offered their perspectives and expertise in relation to the pandemic. Their contributions to coronavirus research include conducting clinical trials on prevention drugs, implementing CDC guidelines to prevent outbreaks in senior communities, and understanding the virus' effects on America's homeless population.

Moderated by Steve Gloyd, a Global Health professor with an extensive background in health systems research, epidemiology, and implementation science, the virtual session allowed three DGH experts to discuss the work they've been doing, and how they got started in their COVID-19 projects.


  • Ruanne Barnabas (Associate Professor, Global Health)
  • Alison Roxby (Assistant Professor, Global Health)
  • Karin Huster (Clinical Instructor, Global Health)

Watch the session in its entirety here.