Celine Gounder
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In 2003, Celine Gounder and a student colleague, Carolyn Hettrich, initiated and created global health student programs for first year and fourth year medical students. Celine also worked with medical student Laura Certain to help create the Western Regional International Health Conference and the Global Health Pathway. All of these programs were integrated into the Department of Global Health in 2007 and still exist today.

Sometimes the best medicine begins with a well-told story. Medical journalist Celine Gounder, MD ’04, has covered the Ebola outbreak, the Zika virus, the coronavirus pandemic, and the opioid overdose and gun violence epidemics in print and on television. Now, Gounder hosts and produces the podcast American Diagnosis, on health and social justice, and the podcast Epidemic, offering in-depth coverage of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19) outbreak.

A clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York University, Gounder also cares for patients at Bellevue Hospital Center and tribal health facilities around the U.S. She was named one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World” in 2017. Below, she answers our questions about translating science into positive change.

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