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The UW MetaCenter for Pandemic Preparedness and Global Health Security aimed to address the panic surrounding new cases [of coronavirus] and inform attendees of the proper behavior moving forward.

The MetaCenter hosted a coronavirus and pandemic disease preparedness panel Feb. 19, comprised of 14 experts, ranging from Washington state health officials to UW researchers. 

With over 75,000 confirmed cases globally, and a mortality rate of around 3%, misinformation and fear-mongering can make coronavirus seem like an impending doom. But the UW MetaCenter established that the United States is in good shape for any potential outbreak. 

“Risk of becoming infected remains low here,” Judith Wasserheit, chair of the Department of Global Health said. “We have to strengthen our ability to prevent, detect, and respond.” 

Read the entire story at The Daily. Judy Wasserheit, Chair of the Department of Global Health is quoted. Watch the entire Coronavirus and Pandemic Disease Preparedness forum on YouTube.