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United States action on global pandemics could save lives, address significant foreign policy interests and boost economic prosperity, according to a new analysis from leading researchers, including Kristie Ebi, an expert on global change and health at the University of Washington School of Public Health.

According to the analysis, “strategic investments in a coordinated global-pandemics initiative would likely have a return ratio of between $17 and $20 on every $1 spent.” Curbing pandemics might also address shared global challenges, such as gender and social inequalities, and support climate adaptation and mitigation.

Published Oct. 10 in the Journal of International Affairs, the analysis provides new evidence on the potential for a proactive U.S. foreign policy effort to halt current pandemics of AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria; prevent new outbreaks from becoming pandemics; and address disease threats linked to climate change.

Read the entire story at UW School of Public Health, and the journal article at Journal of International Affairs. Kristie Ebi, professor of Global Health, is quoted.