Peder Digre, a second-year MPH candidate, has been appointed by WA Governor Jay Inslee to represent students across the state on the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). The WSAC works to support higher levels of educational attainment in Washington state and provides recommendations for many policy areas including college admissions, college readiness, college credit in high school, reengaging adult students, transfer processes, tuition, and economic and workforce development for the state. 

"I was drawn to serve on the WSAC because of the life-transforming potential of education. During my tenure on the WSAC, I aim to be an advocate for all students, and to actively search out institutional changes to better serve underrepresented students, while ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of education in our state. I would like to see more opportunities for students to gain practical experience and explore their strengths and interests throughout school, as well as enhance the role of critical thinking and the open exchange of ideas in education," said Peder.  

Peder is a full-time graduate student at the University of Washington (UW), pursuing dual degrees as a Master of Public Health (MPH) and a Master of Public Administration (MPA). He is an active student leader serving as the Chair of the Services and Activities Fee Committee and a co-Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council for Students in the School of Public Health. Peder is also a committed student representative, serving as a Senator from the Department of Global Health in the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. He graduated from UW in 2013 with a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and a BA in Scandinavian Studies. In addition to being a student, Peder also works at PATH and has been involved in technology initiatives to improve the health of women and children in low-resource settings.

"We are so proud of Peder, who we've known since he was an undergraduate leader in the global health minor and now as a graduate student in our MPH program. He is a dedicated and thoughtful student who is committed to global health, and we are confident that he will represent UW and student needs well in his new role," said Daren Wade, Director of the UW Global Health Resource Center.  

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