Jennifer Lucero Earle has been with the Department of Global Health since months after its formation and has been a huge force in guiding students, especially medical students and undergrads, on their global health path. In her own words,

“It has been an honor to spend the past seven years as an integral part of this thriving and growing department, especially in the center I’ve proudly called my home, the Global Health Resource Center (GHRC). I have enjoyed working with amazing colleagues, trainees across the pipeline, and community members that have come together with a common passion for global health. As a first generation American that grew up in poverty in one of the most diverse cities in the country, reducing health disparities and working towards equity and equality has been dear to my own heart. My position within the department allowed me to share my gifts and talents for social justice, cultural proficiency, program management, professional development, career counseling, and advising. Of these, what I loved most was my connection with the students and guiding them to pursue their dreams. I am happily still in touch with dozens of our graduates and hope to be part of their lives for years to come.

I am leaving my position to pursue my own dreams. I’ve been a dance teacher for nearly five years now and a tarot counselor for twenty. In addition to growing my dance classes and guiding people through transitions and changes as a tarot counselor, I will also be the Leadership and Intuition Strategist at Nyawela Consulting, a Seattle-based communications coaching, facilitation and strategic consulting company founded by Daveda Russell. Nyawela is a Shula word from the Sudan in Central Africa. It is pronounced, nigh-ah-WEH-lah and it means “on a journey”.  And that’s what I am going on!”

Jennifer will be greatly missed after her departure in August. Stay in touch with Jennifer via