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Distance Learning Seminars (Regional and National)

In a rapidly changing field such as HIV, scientific updates and case management practices should reach the health care professionals working in the ART centres. This presents a unique challenge of continuous training, access to knowledge and information transfer on changing guidelines.

To address this challenge of providing latest knowledge at low cost to the health care workers at remote sites, I-TECH India initiated the HIV /AIDS Distance Learning Seminar Series (DLS). This is modelled after the global I-TECH HIV/AIDS Clinical Seminar Series (CSS) developed by University of Washington, Seattle. In this program interactive training sessions are conducted over the internet to HIV/AIDS clinicians with limited opportunities for continuing education. The I-TECH India currently under HIV/AIDS Distance Learning Clinical Seminar Series (DLS) provides interactive, case-based instructional sessions on the clinical management of HIV/AIDS. Using Adobe Connect Pro Live (CPL) software, 60-minute sessions are webcast to participants in all districts in India every week. There is no cost for participation. Presenters for the series are national experts and who have vast experience in the HIV/AIDS field.


  • Increase health care workers' knowledge and skills related to care, treatment, diagnosis, and comprehensive management of HIV and AIDS patients in resource-limited settings.
  • Increase collaboration and communication across the NACO’s ART Medical Officers, with an emphasis on sharing best practices and lessons learned from HIV and AIDS-related clinical issues.
  • Share information on cutting edge HIV and AIDS research and evidence-based case-management approaches.
  • Identify complex issues related to managing HIV through case-specific clinical consultations. Gain skill and experience in the use of the interactive webcasting distance learning technology in order to broaden its application for new audiences and purposes.