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Supporting Immunization for Pregnant Women

This project aims to generate and collate critical information and tools to prepare for the delivery of COVID-19 and other upcoming vaccines to pregnant and lactating women in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). This target population presents unique opportunities and challenges beyond general COVID-19 vaccine introduction in resource-constrained settings. Our goal under this effort is to consolidate critical evidence and efforts regarding maternal COVID-19 immunization research; generate data regarding the economic costs and broader benefits of immunization in pregnant women; and inform the work needed further support LMIC COVID-19 and MNCH strategies; national decision-making; and capacity building for COVID-19 immunization of pregnant and lactating women in LMICs. Activities include: (i) Curating, packaging and disseminating critical information on pregnancy, lactation, and COVID-19 vaccines to inform global policies (ii) Conducting a landscape analysis of pregnancy exposure registries in LMICs and supporting WHO guidance (iii) Estimating the broader health impacts of integrating RSV and GBS MI into antenatal care (ANC) in LMICs (iv) Estimating the cost of delivery of maternal RSV and GBS vaccines as part of a MI platform in LMICs and (v) a scoping analysis to inform additional potential activities needed to to support MI delivery in LMICs.