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YoPromotor: A health informatics project to develop a mobile application to serve health promoters to register their work, make visible their health effort, in order to integrate their work with the current health system

YoPromotor (YP) is a cell phone application, which will connect Community Health Workers with each other, and will also connect them with the health system to improve Primary Health Care; and will collect information that allows generating metrics that will evaluate the performance of their work and their support to improve the gaps in access to health care.

YP will be useful in recording data for case identification, case follow-up, registration of care in health campaigns, and population surveys, among others, which are important activities of the Community Health Workers when carrying out the Primary Health Care. YP will target Community Health Workers that attend and serve the population neglected by the Ministry of Health in peri-urban areas, especially those in extreme poverty. YP will also serve the health system, because with this COVID-19 pandemic, health staff has been overburdened to provide immediate care to the community. YP will allow simple care to be provided at the primary health care level without the need to go to a hospital, giving space to patients who really need more complex care.

Active Dates 
06/01/2022 to 06/01/2023
Faculty Involved