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On health and the jungle: strengthening local capacities of indigenous organizations in Vaupés

This project aims to creating installed capacities and knowledge related to self-management and governability through a collaborative blended course. This will allow the participants and their communities to gain and produce the needed protocols and information that deepen their abilities to work with the public institutions, combine traditional methods of conservation and health with western methods, and strengthen their capacity to manage their territories. The specific contents of the course, based on an intercultural and participatory approach, will be designed with the indigenous authorities during the first phase of the project. This will allow a differential approach and guarantee that we are meeting the needs of the community. The course and small projects to replicate the key course contents and initiate local processes will position the needs and context of the communities as its core, given that they will be designed by leaders of the communities. Resources for this project are provided by the Climate and Land Use Alliance.