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WHO Evidence Considerations for Vaccine Policy (ECVP) framework

Dr Kochhar is helping lead the development of the WHO “Evidence Considerations for Vaccine Policy (ECVP)” to help mitigate delays in post-licensure vaccine implementation by early alignment between regulators, policy makers and the national, regional and global level stakeholders on the clinical trial and observational data or evidence needed for policy and program decisions for vaccine candidates. Vaccine developers and funders could use the ECVP in their strategic planning for late stage vaccine development and implementation. TB vaccines for adolescents and adults are being used as a ‘test case’ to develop the first ECVP assessment.

She serves on the WHO Technical Advisory Group on the Development of a WHO Roadmap for Global Introduction of New TB Vaccines and the Advisory Board for Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute for the TB Vaccine Phase 3 trial.

Active Dates 
08/17/2021 to 12/31/2023
Faculty Involved