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Multisector Nutrition Program in Myanmar

The overall goal of the Myanmar Multi-sectoral National Plan of Action on Nutrition (MS-NPAN) is to reduce all forms of malnutrition in mothers, children and adolescent girls with the expectation that this will lead to healthier and more productive lives that contribute to the overall economic and social aspirations of the country.

The improvement of nutrition in Myanmar supports the National Economic and Social Development Plan, which sets forth a vision for the country to become a peaceful, modern and developed nation. Malnutrition can be passed on from mothers to their children, perpetuating intergenerational cycles of poor health and poverty. Maternal and child malnutrition leads to a higher incidence and severity of illness, and therefore increases health care costs and compromises overall socioeconomic development, with estimates that child malnutrition may decrease as much as 11 percent of GDP. Nutrition is both an input to and an outcome of national development and it has been highlighted that investments in evidence-based nutrition interventions will lead to significant economic returns with an average cost benefit ratio of 1:16 and can be as high as 1:35. Well-nourished populations are healthier, earn more and spend less on health care.

The nature of malnutrition is multifaceted and multidimensional which demands that the solution to address the problem utilizes a multidisciplinary approach. The approach of the MS-NPAN will be to strengthen Myanmar’s systems for a multi-sectoral response to malnutrition and deliver a prioritized package of essential nutrition services/interventions.

Active Dates 
10/01/2017 to 12/31/2019
Faculty Involved