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Inflammation-driven T Cell Responses and their Dichotomous Effect on Host Immunity

We recently identified a novel mechanism that allows memory CD8 T cells to eliminate target cells in an innate- like, T cell receptor (TCR)-independent manner. We propose to further examine this mechanism and define its consequences in the context of infection and vaccination; importantly, our data suggest that inhibiting this innate-like function of memory CD8 T cells preserves antigen-presenting cells, which we propose to therapeutically exploit to increase immune response following vaccination. Given the large number of memory CD8 T cells that can become bystander-activated and negatively impact antigen presentation in the growing elderly population and the current struggle to improve vaccine efficacy in this population, our proposed experiments are highly relevant and of utmost importance in the context of vaccine development and infectious diseases.

Active Dates 
12/01/2016 to 11/30/2021
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Health Topics