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Improving Care Engagement via Community-Based MHEALTH Motivational Interviewing Tool for HIV-Positive Youth (COMMIT+)

To develop and assess the acceptability and feasibility of the Community-based mHealth Motivational Interviewing Tool for HIV-positive youth (COMMIT+) to support community health workers in using and sustaining motivational interviewing skills.

We will use five-step human centered design to develop Community-based mHealth Motivational Interviewing Tool for HIV-positive youth (COMMIT+). We will obtain structured input from three stakeholders: patients, community health workers (CHW, and CHW supervisors. COMMIT+ will be used by CHWs to: 1) obtain decision-support to deliver MI for individual cases in the community, and 2) capture consented audio recordings of client interactions for review and feedback by their supervisors so CHWs can maintain MI skills beyond the initial training period. A mixed-methods framework to evaluate impact on HIV adherence and outcomes, while also measuring acceptability, feasibility, MI fidelity and app analytics. This model has the potential to develop a scalable way to assist CHWs in delivering evidence-based counseling.