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Building an ecosystem for better monitoring and communicating safety of medicines used in pregnancy and breastfeeding; validated and regulatory endorsed workflows for fast, optimized evidence generation (ConcePTION)

ConcepTION aims to create a paradigm shift in how we study medication safety in pregnancy. We will establish (1) a successful, sustainable open-science based EU non-proprietary ecosystem of public and private stakeholders, pregnant women and researchers to generate and disseminate timely and reliable evidence on drugs across maternal, neonatal and long term outcomes of medication exposure in pregnancy and breastfeeding (2) a catalogue with fully characterized data sources for rapid selection of suitable data sources; 3) operational, business, network, information and data governance models, (4) quality assured and tested methodological approaches, analytical tools and data platforms allowing for distributed analyses, (4) procedures and tools for collection of digital data and samples directly from pregnant women, (6) In vitro, in silico and in vivo models for prediction of drug transfer in human milk, (7) a biobank and analytical network for quantification of drug in human milk, (8) best practice documents endorsed by regulators and health authorities and (9) a web-based drug information knowledge bank.

Located in South Africa in collaboration with 14 European countries.

Active Dates 
04/01/2019 to 03/31/2024
Faculty Involved