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Prontu: Helping to prepare health providers to respond to obstetric and neonatal emergencies in Timor-Leste

Prontu means ‘be ready, be prepared,’ in the Tetum language of Timor-Leste. The Prontu project is introducing a highly realistic, low-tech simulation and team training to improve health provider skills to address common obstetric and newborn emergencies. The simulations were developed by PRONTO International and seek to bridge the “know-do gap,” or the gulf that can often exist between what we know and what we do in practice. Through simulated scenarios, health providers are given opportunities to put to practice the skills they have learned during training. In addition to covering skills specific to the most common obstetric and newborn emergencies, the model emphasizes respectful care, teamwork and communication skills among a multidisciplinary provider team. The Prontu project is funded by the Australian Government, Foreign Affairs and Trade.