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Strengthening leadership and quality management systems for an improved and sustainable laboratory network in Cote d’Ivoire

Under the leadership of Dr. Perrone, I-TECH will establish and staff country office and together with Seattle based technical staff will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Direction Générale de la Sante including these national authorities among others: Direction de la Pharmacie du Médicament et des Laboratoires,Direction de la Prospective, de la Planification, de l’Évaluation et de l'Information Sanitaire, Direction de la Formation et de la Recherche en Santé, Direction des Infrastructures et des Equipements et de la Maintenance, DHES/DMH (Préalablement Direction de L’Hygiène Publique, Laboratoire National de la Santé Publique, Programme National de la Lutte Contre le SIDA, Institut National de l’ Hygiène Publique, Institut National de Sante Publique, Centre National de Transfusion Sanguine, Centre Régional d ’Evaluation en Santé et d ’Accréditation. I-TECH will also work with district health teams, and PEPFAR implementing partners to implement 6 core activities with a focus on 50 district laboratories, 3 National Blood transfusion centers and 2000 Point of Care Testing sites for HIV.

This work will:
1. Strengthen national laboratory policies and increase adherence to national guidelines; 
2. Strengthen implementation of national policies, regulatory documents, and guidelines for biosafety and biosecurity; 
3. Strengthen laboratorian professional’s capacity within the national network; 
4. Implement and sustain QMS in the entire laboratory network; 
5. Improve and implement LIS for improved data management and utilization; 
6. Support laboratory-related blood safety interventions and accreditation of 3 laboratories in National Blood Transfusion