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Estimation of the prevalence of post treatment controllers of HIV infection using pooled data from independent study sites

The primary goal of this study is to obtain an estimate of the prevalence of post antiretroviral treatment control in North America by developing the structure for a carefully curated database which will be contributed to by multiple sites conducting research on acute HIV infection. In collaboration with UCSD, a REDCap database is being constructed as a pilot project to combine data from UW Primary Infection Clinic (PIC), the UCSD PIC, and historical HIV Acute Infection and Early Disease Research Program database. UCSD is responsible for curating the raw database and UW will create the analysis database, conduct the analysis, and write a protocol to instruct other sites on how to contribute data as part of a planned R01 submission. Dr. Holte and Biometrics Core member Mr. Stern communicate regularly with UCSD about development of the database. In addition, Dr Holte is collaborating with Drs Jonathan Li at Harvard University and James Neaton at the University of Minnesota to evaluate post-treatment control in the CD4-guided treatment arm of the INSIGHT SMART study.

Active Dates 
08/01/2016 to 07/31/2018
Faculty Involved 
Health Topics