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Improving coverage for the prevention, control and elimination of five prioritized neglected infectious diseases in Guainía department, Amazon region of Colombia

This project intends to contribute to the control of ocular tracoma, STH, and various ectoparasites in areas under-served by Ministry of Health’s current NTD prevention and control program. Besides providing effective coverage vis-à-vis the mass drug co-administration of azithromycin and antiparasitic drugs in 113 rural indigenous communities. We will develop health promotion actions, emphasizing NTD prevention through innovative methodologies and techniques such in some of these communities, which will help us to better understand the traditional understanding of prioritized diseases. Based on this knowledge we will be able to offer recommendations for the prevention of these diseases that are adjusted to the local context, tailoring the interventions to their traditional practices and beliefs. Funding is provided through Direct Relief and Fundación Probitas.