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Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training Program-Lauhoe IHART²

This competing continuation develops a cadre of culturally grounded Native scholars capable of serving as PIs on extramurally funded HIV/AIDS-related prevention and disparities studies with Indigenous populations. The program is based on the success of the Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training (IHART) R25 program (R25MH084565), the only Native-specific HIV/AIDS research training and mentorship program in the US. IHART² extends the reach of the original IHART program by expanding to include the historically underserved HIV/AIDS population of Native Hawaiian and other Indigenous Pacific Island populations (NHPI). IHART² provides a 24-month HIV/AIDS mentoring program to 15 qualified postdoctoral through mid-career scholars primarily from Indigenous populations (AIAN, NHPI, and Latino Indigenous) as well as UREM or non-Native scholars from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are currently conducting research with AIAN and NHPI populations. 

Active Dates 
07/01/2015 to 06/30/2020
Health Topics