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The Host Response to Zika Virus

The Gale Laboratory is collaborating with clinical investigators in Brazil to evaluate the virologic and immunologic features of Zika virus infection.

Specifically, they are currently focused on:

  1. Defining how the body recognizes ZIKV infection to initiate innate immunity against infection.
  2. Using systems biology to understand the host response to ZIKV both in adults and in maternal/fetal pairs during pregnancy.
  3. Defining the molecular basis of microcephaly caused by ZIKV infection.
  4. Determining the virologic processes and the immune selective pressures that drive ZIKV quasispecies diversity and the selection of tissue variants of ZIKV in the infected host.
  5. Developing novel innate immune therapeutics to treat ZIKV infection
  6. Developing and testing novel vaccines to prevent ZIKV infection and to prevent maternal to fetal transmission of ZIKV.