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Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Training Program in South America (ICTuS)

The overarching goal of “ICTuS: Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Training program in South America” is to reduce morbidity and mortality of cerebrovascular disease in Peru through identifying environmental, lifestyle and host risk factors for stroke and collaborate with governmental and academic institutions to develop policies to decrease population-level risk factors identified through this program. To attain this goal we propose the following specific aims: 1) provide rigorous clinical research methodological training for 20 promising young physicians in cerebrovascular neurology and rehabilitation medicine - with the long-term goal of developing a cadre of physician clinician scientists who will conduct independent research on the epidemiology and etiology of cerebrovascular diseases and eventually develop and lead independent research programs in Peru; 2) fund mentored clinical research projects for these 20 Peruvian trainees to provide practical experiences in clinical research and obtain pilot data for future grant applications; and 3) build alliances between academic institutions and the Peruvian Ministry of Health to facilitate development and implementation of policy strategies to translate research findings into improved public health relevant to cerebrovascular disease. 

Active Dates 
06/30/2014 to 06/30/2019
Faculty Involved 
Health Topics