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Developing a Regional Interfaith Government Partnership

In 2014, religious and government leaders created an Interfaith Government Partnership to serve the poor, marginalized, and isolated Tanzanians. Their goal is to: Improve the health, education and economic sustainability of poor, marginalized, and isolated, initially focusing in the Dar es Salaam and Pwani Regions. Through these actions and related publicity of Interfaith-Government Partnership decrease the appeal of and involvement in extremism. In February 2016, the partners created a Tanzanian NGO, called Faith in Action-Tanzania, to implement the partnership’s objectives.

Tanzania has large Christian and Muslim populations who historically have lived and worked together in harmony. This is in jeopardy as extremists on throughout the world, on both sides, try and create us-them relationships and spread hate. Current initiatives include: 1) creating a community-oriented model district family medicine teaching hospital in Dar es Salaam; 2) maternal and newborn death reduction; 3) addressing alcohol, drugs, and violence through the Ukombozi community program using AA model self-help groups; 4) creating a malaria reduction program in isolated Rufiji villages; 5) strengthening family medicine in Tanzania and developing Tanzania's second medical residency program.

Partners include local Dar es Salaam communities, mosques and churches, and government health leadership at local, regional and national levels.

This is an ongoing project.