• Assistant Professor, Global Health

University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
United States

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Dr. Mugwanya is a physician-epidemiologist and faculty within the International Clinical Research Center. His research interests aim to develop, evaluate, and implement interventions likely to have the greatest impact to prevent new HIV infections. Since 2014, he has led or collaborated on research focused on HIV prevention, including immunologic and epidemiologic studies of correlates for HIV transmission, pharmacologic studies of antiretroviral PrEP, clinical trials of novel prevention interventions, and implementation science research. He led cutting-edge studies to quantify the risk and safety of oral tenofovir-based PrEP in African men and women, demonstrating limited kidney toxicity and limited breastmilk excretion and infant absorption of PrEP medications via breastfeeding. Current work includes implementation science studies to define efficient care pathways to deliver PrEP and pharmacologic studies to optimize HIV PrEP use in women. He serves as director for two large PrEP studies in Kenya – one aiming at national scale-up of PrEP in HIV care clinics (Partners Scale-Up Project) and the other to integrate PrEP delivery in antenatal care and family planning clinics (PrIYA).

  • MBChB (Makerere University)
  • MS (Case Western Reserve University)
  • PhD (University of Washington)
Country Affiliations 
  • Luganda
Health Topics 
  • Epidemiology
  • Family Planning
  • HIV Transmission
  • Implementation Science
  • Infectious Diseases (other than STDs)
  • Maternal Child Health (incl. Reproductive Health)
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • STDs (other than HIV)

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Kenneth K. Mugwanya; Elizabeth Irungu; Elizabeth Bukusi; Nelly Mugo; Josephine Odoyo; Elizabeth Wamoni; Kenneth Ngure; Jennifer F. Morton; Kathryn Peebles; Sarah Masyuko; Gena Barnabee; Deborah Donnell; Ruanne Barnabas; Jessica Haberer; Gabrielle O'Malley; Jared M. Baeten. Scale Up of PrEP Integrated in Public Health HIV Care Clinics: A Protocol for a Stepped Wedge Cluster-Randomized Roll Out in Kenya. Implementation Science 13 (1):118. PMID:30180860