• Professor, Global Health
  • Professor, Epidemiology
  • Professor, Medicine - Allergy and Infectious Dis.
  • Professor, Pediatrics
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Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (Global WACh)
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Dr. John-Stewart is a Professor in the Departments of Global Health, Medicine, Epidemiology and Pediatrics at University of Washington. Her research focuses on advancing HIV prevention and treatment in women, adolescents and children, as part of a collaborative research team in Kenya. This work has contributed comprehensively to HIV prevention and treatment across a spectrum of research that has included clinical trials, molecular epidemiology, implementation science, and large-scale evaluations. Through mentorship Dr. John-Stewart has sought to catalyze new research led by early-stage investigators. She was the Founding Director and is currently Co-Director of the UW Center for Global Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (UW Global WACh), a founder and member of the UW Kenya Research and Training Center (KRTC), and is an Associate Director of UW-Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research (CFAR).

  • BS, University of Michigan
  • MD, University of Michigan
  • MPH, University of Washington
  • PhD, University of Washington
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Health Topics 
  • Child and Adolescent Health (incl. Pediatrics)
  • Child Mortality
  • HIV Transmission
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases (other than STDs)
  • Malaria
  • Maternal Child Health (incl. Reproductive Health)
  • TB

Molecular epidemiology, clinical trials, HIV research, MCH, HIV co-infections (TB, CMV, EBV)


Njuguna I, Beima-Sofie K, Mburu C, Mugo C, Ithindi J, Onyango A, Neary J, Richardson BA, Oyiengo L, Wamalwa D, John-Stewart G. An Adolescent Transition Package (ATP) improves youth readiness to transition to independent HIV care: A cluster randomized trial. Lancet HIV 2022, in press.

Larsen A, Pintye J, Marwa M, Watoyi S, Kinuthia J, Abuna F, Richardson B, Gomez L, Dettinger J, John-Stewart G. Patterns and predictors of perinatal depressive symptoms among Kenyan women: group-based trajectory analysis from pregnancy through 9 months postpartum. Lancet Psych 2022, in press.

Kinuthia J, Ronen K, Unger J, Jiang W, Matemo D, Perrier T, Osborn L, Chohan B, Drake A, Richardson B, John-Stewart G. SMS messaging to improve retention and viral suppression in prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) programs: a 3-arm randomized clinical trial. PLoS Med 2021; 18 (5): e1003650.

LaCourse S, Richardson B, Kinuthia J, Warr AJ, Maleche-Obimbo E, Matemo D, Mecha J, Cranmer L, Escudero J, Hawn T, John-Stewart G. A randomized controlled trial of isoniazid to prevent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in Kenyan HIV-exposed uninfected infants. Clin Infect Dis 2020; Jun 21:ciaa827. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciaa827. PMID: 32564076 PMCID: PMC8282257

Kinuthia J, Pintye J, Abuna F, Mugwanya K, Lagat H, Onyango D, Begnel E, Dettinger J, Baeten J, John-Stewart G. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and early continuation among pregnant and postpartum women in Kenya: results from a large implementation program within maternal child health clinics. Lancet HIV 2020 Jan;7(1):e38-e48. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(19)30335-2. Epub 2019 Dec 5. PMID: 31813837