Experts at the UW Department of Global Health are actively engaged in COVID-19 research, learning, and service activities to help mitigate the global pandemic. 

From testing patients and implementing measures to prevent outbreaks, to vaccine research, and prevention and treatment studies, our team is working to slow COVID-19. 


Researchers Enrolling COVID-19 Patients for Treatment Trial

The trial is looking at the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine with and without azithromycin. Christine Johnston of ICRC is a co-principal investigator.

Senior Community Protected in 'Outbreak That Didn't Happen' 

In this encouraging new study led by Alison Roxby, learn how a retirement living facility averted a COVID-19 outbreak and the implications this has for public health practice.

Does Antimalarial Drug Prevent COVID-19? New DGH Study Seeks Answers 

DGH researchers led by Ruanne Barnabas are investigating whether hydroxychloroquine – a commonly used anti-malarial and autoimmune drug – can prevent COVID-19.

Dispatch from a Brooklyn ER Nurse in the Time of COVID (by Mariel Boyarsky, MPH 2015)

Mariel Boyarsky describes the scene from her emergency room in Brooklyn, New York, where "utterly and completely flooded with COVID-19 cases". 

Studies Show that COVID-19 Can Spread Quickly in Homeless Communities

Researchers found that the virus spread rapidly in homeless shelters with clusters of COVID-19 cases. Karin Huster (Global Health Clinical Instructor) and Helen Chu (Adjunct Assistant Professor) are authors on the studies. 

Health Alliance International: A COVID-19 Information Hub

Health Alliance International (HAI), a center of the University of Washington Department of Global Health, has launched their spin on a COVID information hub, providing updates on the pandemic in Mozambique, Timor-Leste, and Côte d’Ivoire while also highlighting the experiences of health workers. 

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3 steps to help prevent another animal-to-human virus pandemic

In a Seattle Times op-ed, Global Health professor Peter Rabinowitz writes about the importance of learning more about the animal origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Health Professor Receives Grant to Develop Antigen-Based COVID-19 Test

A Gates Foundation grant will allow Global Health professor Paul Drain to lead a study on COVID-19 antigen-based testing "that can be used in either community-based or resource-limited settings". 


Multisite Trial Early Data Suggests Remdesivir is Effective

Remdesivir has been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus in a preliminary data analysis. Dr. Helen Chu, DGH Adjunct Assistant Professor, explains the drug here. 

Op-ed: Africa needs Afrocentric solutions to beat COVID-19 

Several African governments have adopted a Western approach to COVID-19, but this is "simply not practical" for most of sub-Saharan Africa (by Kingsley Ndoh, The Seattle Times).

Op-ed: Now is the time for a national public health reserve 

Reserve networks fill critical human gaps, so why isn't there a network for supporting outbreaks and pandemics? (by Alison Drake, The Hill)

Seminar: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Join us for DGH's new weekly lecture series on COVID-19, featuring top UW researchers.  Watch the firstsecond, and third session now. 



There are several important precautions and measures one can take to remain safe during the pandemic: