Drug and Vaccine Development

Andreia was born in Portugal and immigrated to New Jersey at the age of two. She was raised in Newark and graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Biology. After graduation she moved to Dublin, Ireland where she worked as a research assistant in a neuropsychiatric genetics lab at the Institute of Molecular Medicine. From there she moved back to the US for a two year Training Fellowship at the VRC-NIH. During her time at the Vaccine Research Center she worked on the development of new vector based vaccines against HIV. While there she developed a strong interest in the interactions between host and pathogen with a particular focus on defense against viruses. With that in mind she decided to apply to the Pathobiology program which offered her the opportunity to explore interests in both basic and translational science within the framework of pathogens of global health importance. Andreia joined the Lund lab where she is working on characterizing the role of regulatory T cells in neurotropic viral infections with a particular emphasis on West Nile virus. When not in the lab she enjoys blogging and learning to sew.