Doctor of Global Health Leadership and Practice

Please see our list of frequently asked questions regarding our DrGH program below. We will continue to add to this list as needed. If your question is not answered here, please do reach out to us at

*This FAQ is update to date as of 01-28-2021

What’s the timeline/process for admission?

  • The standard application deadline is December 1. Our admissions committee will review all applications then create a short list of candidates for interviews. Offers of admission will be made to a select number of candidates from the interviews in mid to late February. 
    • Note: Not all candidates who applyare invited for interviews, and not all interviewed applicants will be offered admission.  The interview is a good opportunity for the admissions committee to learn more about a candidate's background and interests, and for both the committee and you to understand if the program would be a good fit.

Is the GRE required?

  • No

How big is the program and who are the students?

  • We expect to have a diverse inaugural cohort of 4-6 students starting in Autumn 2021 who are tremendously capable and experienced.

How is the DrGH different from other programs? 

  • Students will graduate with a DrGH degree, a practice-based doctoral degree. The DrGH program is distinct from a PhD program, which builds skills in research.  The DrGH degree would be most similar to a DrPH degree.  

How is the DrGH different from a DrPH?

  • The DrGH program focus on leadership skills for implementation of evidence-based programs and policies in global health. The DrGH is distinct from a DrPH degree, in that our program is specifically focused on global health and solving complex global health challenges. A key aspect of the structure of the UW DrGH program is the rotation between three Leadership and Practice Experience (LPE) placements within different types of global health organizations (e.g. Ministries of Health, bilateral and multilateral agencies, NGOs, private sector partners, etc.).

Is the first year of the program entirely on campus? Are some classes online? 

  • The first year of the program involves 3 quarters of in-person coursework at UW in Seattle (September – June).  UW does have several online or hybrid classes, but most offerings are in-person classes.

In light of COVID-19, will components of the DrGH program change?

  • At this point, we are planning to keep the structure of the program as planned, with the first year occurring at UW in Seattle and Years 2-3 involving rotations in diverse settings. We will provide updates if this changes.

Does an applicant need to get a faculty member who is willing to have me them a research assistant before beginning an application? 

  • No, it is not necessary to have a faculty sponsor and research or teaching assistant position arranged prior to applying to the program.

What funding opportunities are available?

  • You can find more information on our website about the costs of the program. The financial support we can offer to selected students includes:
    • Tuition waiver plus stipend provided in conjunction with a Teaching Assistant (TA) appointment at the UW during Year 1 of the program.  UW Teaching Assistant positions are the equivalent of 20 hours/week

    • Leadership and Practice Experience (LPE) rotations are field-based rotations, and some LPE placements will offer stipends which may cover living expenses, travel costs, and other costs.

    • At this point, we are not offering full funding/scholarships for the full completion of the DrGH degree, although we hope to be able to offer such funding in the future.

How do graduate research assistantship and graduate teaching assistantship work in the department?

  • Graduate RA and TA positions are advertised on a rotating basis to all graduate students within the Department of Global Health, and faculty members overseeing the specific research projects or courses have the final say in selecting students to fill the RA and TA positions.  We anticipate that DrGH students will be strong candidates for TA positions with several large undergraduate global health courses taught at UW, and DrGH program staff will be ready to assist admitted applicants in connecting with specific RA and TA opportunities.

Are there special considerations for students with prior, related degrees (ie. MSc, MPH) - perhaps graduating earlier or admission/course requirement waivers? 

  • The program will typically take 3 years to complete, although this will vary by student. 
  • The curriculum for each student will be quite individualized, and it may be possible for students with a prior Master’s degree to waive some of the core coursework requirements. 
    • If granted a waiver(s), we expect students to take advanced coursework in place of the core courses.
  • We anticipate that all DrGH students will spend 3 academic quarters in person at the UW (September – June of Year 1). Thereafter, the timeline for completion will be variable depending on length of the Leadership and Practice Experience rotations. See our website for more information on the curriculum.

Do students need to go abroad for leadership and practice experiences (LPEs)?

  • No, students may complete their three LPEs within the U.S and/or abroad.