Both Nonmatriculated (NM) and Graduate Nonmatriculated (GNM) status allows people who are not UW students to enroll in one or more global health courses. Please note: Acceptance as a NM/GNM student does not guarantee priority for later acceptance into a degree program.

NON-MATRICULATED (“NM”) You should register as a nonmatriculated student (NM) unless you are planning to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate-level (master's or Ph.D.) degree.


  • Obtain permission from the course instructor via email. Forward the email to Arika Johnson at
  • Follow the registration procedures at the Non-Degree Enrollment website
  • Bring/email registration forms to the department for signatures (see “Contact Info” below)

GRADUATE NONMATRICULATED (“GNM”) You should register as a graduate nonmatriculated student if you plan to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate degree in the future. Please note: Only 12 credits can be applied toward a future degree program. "Graduate Nonmatriculated (GNM)" status does not refer to any degrees you currently hold, but to whether or not you plan to apply the credits to a masters degree or Ph.D.

Graduate Non-Matriculated APPLICATION PROCESS:

  • Apply on-line through the Graduate School Application website and select “Graduate Non-Matriculated” as the application type (Deadlines: September 15 for Autumn; December 15 for Winter; March 15 for Spring; May 15 for Summer.)
  • Submit unofficial transcripts for previous degrees via the online application.
  • Submit a 1-page (maximum) Statement of Purpose via the online application. This should include a list of courses you plan to take, your interest in our department’s graduate program, and your future goals.
  • Applicants must contact the Department of Global Health at once their application has been submitted in order to have their application processed by our department.

Registering for Courses:

Tuition exempt and non-exempt students follow different registration processes. Tuition exempt students should visit the Tuition Exemption Program webpage for detailed information on the enrollment and registration processes. Non-exempt students will need to complete both of the forms below and submit the completed forms to the UW Professional and Continuing Education office in order to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information contact:

Arika Johnson 
Hans Rosling Center, 7th floor 
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., Forms (PDF) may be emailed directly
email: phone: 206.221.4970