Both Nonmatriculated (NM) and Graduate Nonmatriculated (GNM) status allows people who are not UW students to enroll in one or more global health courses. Please note: Acceptance as a NM/GNM student does not guarantee priority for later acceptance into a degree program.


You should register as a nonmatriculated student (NM) unless you are planning to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate-level (master's or Ph.D.) degree.


  • Obtain permission from the course instructor via email. Forward the email to Dave Noeller at
  • Follow the registration procedures at the Non-Degree Enrollment website
  • Email registration forms to the department for signatures (see “Contact Info” below)


You should register as a graduate nonmatriculated student if you plan to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate degree in the future. Please note: Only 12 credits can be applied toward a future degree program. "Graduate Nonmatriculated (GNM)" status does not refer to any degrees you currently hold, but to whether or not you plan to apply the credits to a masters degree or Ph.D.

Graduate Non-Matriculated APPLICATION PROCESS:

  • Apply on-line through the Graduate School Application website and select “Graduate Non-Matriculated” as the application type (Deadlines: September 15 for Autumn; December 15 for Winter; March 15 for Spring; May 15 for Summer.)
  • Submit unofficial transcripts for previous degrees via the online application.
  • Submit a 1-page (maximum) Statement of Purpose via the online application. This should include a list of courses you plan to take, your interest in our department’s graduate program, and your future goals.
  • Applicants must contact the Department of Global Health at once their application has been submitted in order to have their application processed by our department.

Registering for Courses:

Tuition exempt and non-exempt students follow different registration processes:

For more information contact:

Dave Noeller
Forms (PDF) may be emailed directly