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Welcome to the Global Health Minor!

The purpose of the minor in Global Health is to give undergraduates an opportunity to become familiar with the major problems and policy issues in global health. Students participating in the minor will be able to understand and discuss the determinants of global health and global responses to health problems, including health systems.

Students graduating with a minor in Global Health from the University of Washington will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of:

  • The burden of the most important health problems contributing to excess morbidity and mortality in developing countries and low-resource settings, including their magnitude and distribution and disparities in health status by gender, race, and economic class.
  • Major historical, political, social, environmental, and economic determinants of adverse health in developing countries and low-resource settings in rich countries.
  • Pathophysiology of the most prevalent infectious and chronic diseases and medical and public health approaches for prevention and treatment.
  • Current and historic health programs and policies designed to address major health problems in low-resource setting and the roles of global health institutions, recommended levels of resources for implementation of interventions, and key barriers and challenges.
  • How to analyze critically relevant topics in the popular press and in the Global Health literature.

By becoming knowledgeable in these core areas of global health, students should also be able to engage actively in efforts to improve health as global citizens.

Charles Mock, MD, PhD, MPH, Director
Daren Wade, MSW, Associate Director
Jessica Harkhani, MSc, Administrator and Co-Adviser
Amman Girma, MPH, Co-Adviser

Advising and Information Sessions

The global health minor advisers are Jessica Harkhani and Amman Girma. We hold monthly information sessions, which will be listed on our undergraduate events page.  Both work in the Global Health Resource Center, which has offices in Raitt Hall (map) and Harris Hydraulics Laboratory building (map). Our drop-in hours for spring quarter 2015 are held in Raitt Hall 229-D, and are listed on the Advising page. We strongly advise you email ghminor@uw.edu or call 206-685-5601 to arrange a meeting outside of the drop-in hours.

We provide additional opportunities for you to meet other students who share a passion for global health and who want to collaborate in the world beyond the university. These opportunities include ‘meet the speaker’ events at key campus talks by global health leaders, as well as career development and research symposium days designed to build bridges with the larger global health community in our region. To find out more about such events, please join our listserv (Globalhealthminor) or ‘friend’ us on Facebook.

Freshman Interest Groups

The Department of Global Health offers course options through First-year Interest Groups (FIGs) each year. These FIGs will be described on the UW First Year Programs website during early Summer. On the website, search for: LOCAL GLOBAL HEALTH FIG and/or PERSPECTIVES IN HEALTH FIG.  If interested in either of these FIGs, please enroll during your orientation.


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