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Jonathan Gorstein

Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health

Global WACh
Department of Global Health, University of Washington
325 Ninth Avenue, Box 359931
Seattle, WA

PhD (University of Michigan)
BA (Evergreen State College)


Nutritional epidemiology, international health

French, Indonesian
Selected Publications 

Gorstein, J. "Global Nutritional Surveillance through Anthropometric Measurements"Weekly Epidemiological Record (1987) 7:37.

Gorstein, J. "Prevalence of Wasting and Stunting in Countries in the WHO Regions". Weekly Epidemiological Record (1987) articles in Volumes Nos. 8,9,10,11 and 12.

Gorstein, J., Akre, J. "The use of anthropometry to assess nutritional status"World Health Statistics Quarterly (1988) 41 (2):48-58.

Gurney, K., Gorstein, J. "The global prevalence of obesity- an initial overview of available data". World Health Statistics Quarterly (1988) 41 (3/4):251-255.

Gorstein, J. "Assessment of nutritional status: effects of different methods to determine age on the classification of under nutrition"Bulletin of the World Health Organization (1989) 67 (2):143-150.

Dean, A.G., Sullivan, K., Gorstein, J., Fichtner, R. "The use and availability of anthropometry software". Food and Nutrition Bulletin (1990) 12 (2):116-119.