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Jonathan Gorstein

Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health

Global Center for for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents and Children (Global WACh)
Department of Global Health, University of Washington
325 Ninth Avenue, 13th floor, Box 359931
Seattle, WA

PhD (University of Michigan)
BA (Evergreen State College)


Nutritional epidemiology, international health

Selected Publications 
Gorstein, J., Sullivan, K., Gerasimov, G., Houston, R. “Goiter Assessment: helpful or a hindrance in tracking progress in Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control program”. Thyroid (2001) 11(121).

Gorstein J, Bhaskaram P, Khanum S, Hossaini R, Balakrishna N, Goodman TS, deBenoist B, Krishnaswamy K. Safety and impact of vitamin A supplementation delivered with oral polio vaccine as part of the immunization campaign in Orissa, India. Food and Nutrition Bulletin (2003) 24(4):319-31.

Gorstein J, Shreshtra RK, Pandey S, Adhikari RK, Pradhan A. Current status of vitamin A deficiency and the National Vitamin A Control Program in Nepal: results of the 1998 National Micronutrient Status Survey. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2003) 12(1):96-103.

Gorstein, J. Dary, O, Pongtorn, Shell-Duncan, B. Quick, T. and Wasanwisut, E. Feasibility of using retinol-binding protein from capillary blood specimens to estimate serum retinol concentrations and the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in low-resource settings. Public Health Nutrition (2008) May;11(5):513-20.

Hagopian A, Spigner C, Gorstein J, Mercer MA, Pfeiffer J, Frey S, Benjamin L, Gloyd S. Developing competencies for a graduate school curriculum in international health. Public Health Reports (2008) May-Jun;123(3):408-14.

Li S, Zheng Q, Xu J, Gorstein J, Wang H, Dong H. Iodine excess or not: analysis on the necessity of reducing the iodine content in edible salt based on the national monitoring results. Asian Pacific Journal  of Clin Nutr (2011) 20(4):501-6

Kounnavong, S., Pak-Gorstein, S., Akkhavong, K., Palaniappan, U, Berdaga. V., Conkle. J and Jonathan Gorstein.   Key Determinants of Optimal Breastfeeding Practices in Laos.  Food and Nutrition Sciences (2013).