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Deepa Rao

Assistant Professor, Global Health
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Ninth and Jefferson Building, 13th Floor
Box 359932
908 Jefferson Street
Seattle, WA


PhD (Illinois Institute of Technology)
MA (University of Chicago)
BA (University of Chicago)


Global Mental Health, Stigma Reduction, Chronic Disease, HIV/AIDS, and Social Justice and Human Rights

Biography and Research Interests 

Deepa Rao, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Her professional interests are in designing effective interventions to improve mental health and reduce stigma for vulnerable populations worldwide.

Selected Publications 

Butt, Z., Lai, J.-S., Rao, D., Heinemann, A. W., Bill, A., & Cella, D. (2013). Measurement of fatigue in cancer, stroke, and HIV using the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy - Fatigue (FACIT-F) scale. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 74(1),64-68.

Rao, D., Molina, Y., Lambert, N., Cohn, S.E. (In Press). Assessing Stigma among African-Americans Living with HIV/AIDS. Stigma Research and Action.

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Rao, D., Desmond, M., Andrasik, M., Rasberry, T., Lambert, N., Cohn, S., Simoni, J. (2012). Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of the 'Unity Workshop': An Internalized Stigma Reduction Intervention for African-American Women Living with HIV. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 26(10):614-620.

Rao, D., Horton, R., Raguram, R. (2012). Gender Inequality and Structural Violence among Depressed Women in South India. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 47(12):1967-75.

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Rao, D., Horton, R., Tsang, H., Shi, K., Corrigan, P. (in press) Does Individualism Help Explain Differences in Employers' Stigmatizing Attitudes Toward Disability Across Chinese and American Cultures? Rehabilitation Psychology.

Simoni, J.M., Safren, S.A., Manhart, L.E., Lyda, K., Grossman, C.I., Rao, D., Mimiaga, M. J., Wong, F.Y., Catz, S.L., Blank, M.B., DiClemente, R.J., Wilson, I.B. (in press) Challenges in addressing depression in HIV research: assessment, cultural context, and methods. AIDS and Behavior.

Rao, D., Gela, N., Daley, E.M., Kattezham, R., Rodriguez, G., Cella, D. (in press). Developing a Measure of Health Related Quality of Life for Women with Cervical Dysplasia Resulting from Human Papillomavirus Infection. International Journal of STD and AIDS.

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